Meet the Staff

Patricia (Pat) Ramos
Pat has been a part of Dr. Wiley's staff for over ten years. She will probably be the first person you meet when you check in. Like other members of the staff, she often wears other hats, as needed, whether she's troubleshooting computer problems, preparing patient charts or typing pathology reports. “It's almost like a second family here,” she says. “I feel very close to everyone. There's a lot ... Read more
Pamala Csuti
Medical Assistant
Pamela is the newest addition to Dr. Wiley's staff--”only” being there a little over a year in an office where many have been for decades. Pamela works mostly in the back with patients, collecting and updating their clinical information as well as assisting Dr. Wiley with any necessary procedures. Read more
Karen Claytor
Registered Nurse
Karen describes the atmosphere of Dr. Wiley's office as something special. “It's an upbeat, professional environment tinged with a sense of humor,” she said. “It's also very tranquil. All of the exam rooms have windows overlooking nature. People always comment about that. Dr. Wiley is very knowledgeable about gardening and Florida landscapes. If ... Read more
Hazel Sanders
While Hazel has played a vital role on Dr. Wiley's staff for 14 years, you probably won't see her during your visit, unless you have a problem with your account. Hazel is one of two people in Dr. Wiley's billing department. She files insurance claims and follows up on claims that are unpaid or paid incorrectly. Read more