Meet the Staff

Patricia (Pat) Ramos, Receptionist

Pat has been a part of Dr. Wiley’s staff since 2001. She will probably be the first person you meet when you check in. Like other members of the staff, she often wears other hats, as needed, whether she’s troubleshooting computer problems, preparing patient charts or typing pathology reports. “It’s almost like a second family here,” she says. “I feel very close to everyone. There’s a lot of great teamwork, and that feeling beams out to patients.” This positive atmosphere radiates from Dr. Wiley, she says, noting how he treats his patients and his staff with an abundance of respect, caring and consideration. “He treats everyone the way he would want to be treated,” she says. “He takes a lot of time with is patients to not only talk about their medical problems, but also what’s going on in their lives. He’s never in a hurry. He digs deeper to find out more about each person — beyond the problem that brought them here.” As a result, she says, Dr. Wiley often uncovers additional medical issues.

“Patients love coming here,” she says. “They say he not only has gentle hands, but puts their minds at ease when they’re scared. Many of them credit him with saving their lives, by diagnosing melanomas that other doctors ignored.

“I think we have the best doctor’s office in South Tampa.”

Karen Claytor, Registered Nurse

Karen describes the atmosphere of Dr. Wiley’s office as something special. “It’s an upbeat, professional environment tinged with a sense of humor,” she said. “It’s also very tranquil. All of the exam rooms have windows overlooking nature. People always comment about that. Dr. Wiley is very knowledgeable about gardening and Florida landscapes. If someone asks about that, he’s always happy to discuss it.”

Karen says she is also impressed with how smoothly the office runs. “There’s a real team spirit here. We do a lot of cross-training, too. If our nurses get busy, we all step in to help each other out,” she said.

That is particularly appealing to Karen, who describes herself as someone who is very detail oriented. “I like the satisfaction of checking items off my list. And I like to keep everything flowing, helping our patients to get in and out efficiently. It’s rare for our patients to wait a long time here,” she said.

Karen says it’s the patients that make her experience working with Dr. Wiley so special. “Our patients are all so kind and nice; they’re a pleasure,” she said. “Many of Dr. Wiley’s patients have been coming to see him for 10, 20, 25 years. And many members of our staff have been here for 7 years or more. That says a lot about Dr. Wiley.”

Hazel Sanders, Billing/Secretary

While Hazel has played a vital role on Dr. Wiley’s staff for 22 years, you probably won’t see her during your visit, unless you have a problem with your account. Hazel is one of two people in Dr. Wiley’s billing department.

A woman with many hats, Hazel  helps to get patient files ready for the work week, types pathology reports and office correspondence, and shares administrative duties, such as preparing month-end reports . Always ready to jump in when needed, she fills in for Patty  in the reception area and also assists Dr. Wiley in the exam rooms when needed.

“We take a lot of pride in our work and hope we relay this to our patients,” says Hazel, pointing out that most of  Dr. Wiley’s patients have been coming to his office for many years. There’s a good reason they remain so loyal, she says. “There’s a ‘human touch’ in this office,” she says. “We’ve all been to doctors’ offices where no one makes eye contact with you. They’re on a tight schedule and you can feel it.”

“Dr. Wiley is really in tune with his patients. He really pays attention to details and tries to put them at ease. I’ve seen him spend half an hour with a patient. He actually gets to know them. Even when someone is going on and on and on, he listens. I’ve been in the medical field for 30 years, and you just don’t get that in a typical doctor’s office.”

Bianca, Technician

Bianca is the newest member of the team and joined the practice recently after one of our long-time assistants retired.  Bianca is a Certified Dermatology Technician and she has over 10 years’ experience in dermatology and pathology.  While Bianca’s primary role is assisting Dr. Wiley’s with patient care, she may also schedule your appointment, answer your questions on the phone or call you personally regarding your test results.  When asked what she enjoys most about her role in the office, Bianca responded “Dr. Wiley is a fantastic dermatologist, our staff is a great team and our patients are so pleasant!  It is truly a pleasure to work in the practice.  I walk in the door happy and leave happy!”

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